Monday, April 5, 2010



Spiritually, one of my favorite holidays.

In practice, one of my least.

Eggs and bunnies, two staples for this spring holiday, are symbols of fertility, and have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus. If we had a spring holiday, to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of new life from the ground, then I would not mind the bunnies, the eggs, the chocolate and the marshmallow chicks. But since Easter, regulated not by our calendar but by a lunar calendar to coordinate with Passover, is a holiday to remember and celebrate that Jesus did not stay in the grave, but conquered death and is indeed alive, I am, well, annoyed with all those things.

Now that I have preached, allow me to show the hypocrisy involved in having children who LOVE to hunt for eggs. And a mom who could not deny them such a simple joy.

The only picture of Mckenna I got. She chose to wear the dress she wore to Tim and Ellen's wedding. She found many of the eggs hidden in high places.

Gabriel, wearing the dressiest clothes I could get him to wear without a fight, could walk right by an egg and have no idea it was there. He has "man skills" when it comes to finding things right in front of him, just like his dad and my dad. It's a family trait. 

Juliana, looking adorable in Mckenna's Easter dress from years past, found the eggs that grown ups pointed out to her. But she loved every minute of it.

Grandma Gail, the sponsor of the egg hunt, was great. Each kid got 6 eggs, and only 1 had candy. Thanks grandma!

The next morning, the kiddos convinced grandma to produce another egg hunt! I don't know if they had anything in them, the prize to my kids was in the hunt. Too cute.

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The Kilgore's said...

Well we went on the third hunt today. Feeling better so we went up. So glad we could see your kids! They had a great time together!