Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear TGIF's:

It had been years and years since I had graced your restaurant until we decided to have lunch at your establishment today.

And Now I Remember Why.

We almost didn't sit down because we realized we could not use Mckenna's free Kids meal and a coupon--which was the only reason we came. But we decided to take a chance.

We should have gone to BJ's across the street.

Your smiling host/server seated us at a small round table with four chairs.

There were Five of us.

He asked if Juliana wanted a high chair.

She is almost 4 and weighs 40 pounds.

We said no, but a booster seat would be nice.

He brought her a high chair anyways.

We waited quite a while to order, which gave me ample time to count the greasy dust bunnies sticking to the greasy chair rail directly behind our table, which had used sugar packets stuck to it as well.

We should have left at that point.

Our drinks came after we ordered lunch.

We should have conserved them, but they were 90% ice and we had no idea it would be difficult to attain refills.

Then lunch came.

It would have been "all downhill from there," except there was never a peak.

Daniel and Mckenna ordered Fruit Salad.

Daniel had unripe canteloupe, sour oranges, and hard pineapple. Mckenna had mandarin oranges, fresh banana, and fresh strawberries.

I had a salad.

Nothing was fresh and you never brought my dressing. I am concerned about E Coli at this point.

The kids had chicken.

It was hard and cold.

We would have liked to have told the server our problems.

But we didn't see him for 15 minutes.

We don't like to complain, so we ate.

That was a mistake.

He came back in the nick of time with refills.

20 minutes after we had run out of drinks.

We were so glad we had a free kids meal and had ordered off the lunch menu.

Especially after Mckenna puked into the first trashcan outside your establishment.

Sincerely, Former Customers.