Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

I do keep a large jar of expensive, healthful Grape Seed Oil around to use when frying tortillas for tacos. I did manage to safely move it here from our old house--over 100 miles. I did not get it out for the first time only to drop it on the floor and break the jar, spilling the precious oil all over the wood floor. I did not just stand there and say, "I think I'm going to need some help." Not me.

When I cook breakfast, I love to make extra pancakes for Mckenna to have for breakfast before school for the next few days. She loves Chocolate Chip Pancakes, so I made a few of those. I did not use my finger to assist the pancake out of pan, only to stick my finger right into a molten chocolate chip. It did not blister and burn. Not me.

If I had, I would have gone to the garage to get some ice, and I would have taken a glass to put the ice in. I would not have put the ice in the glass so hard that I broke the glass. Not me.

We did not teach our children how to play Texas Hold 'Em...with chips and all. Nope. You can't prove it. Oh, and if we had, my Dad would not have called it educational.

At his wrestling meet, our son got his weight class written on his arm in permanent marker. We did not convince our daughters it was tattooed, permanently, for the sake of ease at each tournament. Not us.

Speaking of the tournament....we did remember to take the video camera and a camera. We did not, however, accidentally tape over the part where Gabe pins an opponent for the win, and only get blurry photos.

And, we did not just put it together that not only is Gabe being coached by a World Champion Grappler, he is being coached by THE World Champion Grappler, as in the reigning Champion. We are not entirely ignorant about these things.

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