Thursday, October 8, 2009

The silence on this blog is a result of two things:

1. Following the old adage that if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn't say anything.
2. Focusing on my husband, my kids, and my home.

But fun things have been happening with my kiddos, so I wanted to share.

Gabe is reading. It is soooo much fun. Math has always been his favorite (we started him in a first grade math book, which he will finish by Christmas), but now reading is opening up a whole new world for him. He is super excited about reading and likes to practice.

Mckenna took her first standardized test for 2nd grade. Our fate is sealed. She scored at a 5th grade reading level, and 99% percentile in math. The math test was frustrating us both because it kept getting harder and harder until she was answering the same questions I just tested freshmen on! Algebra 1 questions! I wondered if she had been given the wrong test.

Alas, it's a progressive test. If you get the 2nd grade questions right, it asks 3rd grade questions. Get those right, it jumps to 4th grade, and so on. No wonder it was frustrating! But she did so well, and her Education Specialist was very pleased.

Now the real question....

We are already completing 2nd and 3rd grade this year, but have no desire to jump her actual grade levels. What do we do with this kid?

Love her, be proud of her, and let her do a lot of the art she loves. That's what we do.

Juliana's new development...she can write her name! Dan taught her in just a few hours and she loves to practice. Most of the time.

And Dan's new skill, which he lovingly allowed me to learn along with him? Grout. Half the tile has grout and looks fantastic! Pictures soon.

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