Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mad Skills

Let's talk about some random skills I have acquired over the years:

- Cooking for large groups of people. This took a lot of practice, since I never used to cook for more than 3-4, and there were some not so good meals. But now I feel as comfortable cooking for 25-50 people as I do for my own family.

- Reading books in water without ruining them. Yes, this counts as a skill! I have read in the bathtub since I was very young, but in the past year I have learned how to play with my kids in the pool or spa and read at the same time.

- Grading Essays. I started out proof-reading for Dan. No, scratch that. I started out finding errors in books I read--annoying. Then I read Dan's papers for him in Seminary. Then I would proof-read for high schoolers. And now....I have turned grading papers into a part time job.

- Taking care of children in the middle of the night without actually waking up. Nuf said.

- Moving

That's right, moving.

It's a skill I did not set out to acquire. It's a skill I wouldn't have even called a skill 5 years ago. It's not a skill I wanted to perfect.

And yet, I am glad I know how to move.

That's right, we are moving.

Next week we are taking some things to storage. Then we will stage the house and put it on the market. We are praying that it sells very quickly.

If we need to get out, we can go to one of many houses--we have had a lot of offers to stay with family.

No, we do not know our final destination. Only God knows where and when the end of this journey lies.

We are heading up soon to central CA to candidate for a job. It has been a crazy, coincidental situation, and we are seeking the Lord, carefully and prayerfully asking if this is the place for us.

So, for the last few days (yes, it's that recent of a decision) we have been sorting, packing, labeling, taping, washing, and researching.

It is much easier this time--I know what I am doing.

I can't say I am "proud" that I will have moved 6 times in 3 years, but at least I have a new life skill. Right?

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