Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Master of the Obvious

If you are new around here, you need to know something. My 5 year old, math genius, sharp as a tack son is extremely literal. As in, zero comprehension level of figurative speech.

Let's review what Gabriel learned at the Learning Center today:

G: Hey, can I tell you something? We learned about this guy today.

Mom: What's his name.

G: Chris.

Dad: Chris....  waiting for Gabe to finish the name.

G: Chris-to-pher!

*** we are already amused at this point, and very curious.

Mom: What's his last name?

G: I forgot.

Dad: Okay, well, what did he do?

G: He read a story to children from his journal.

Dad: Oh. And, what did he do in his journal?

G: Write.

***See. He is the master of the obvious.

Dad: What did he write about?

G: He was a sailor, and he thought he found England, but it was America.

Dad: England? Do you mean India? 

G: Um, Sure! India!

Mom: So, you are talking about Christopher Columbus?

G: Well, yeah.   He says it like: no duh. Everybody knows that.


Gabe has also lost his first 2 teeth recently. Well, as he reminds us, his first 2 teeth that he was supposed to lose. Again, let's be literal, and clarify we are not talking about the one he accidentally knocked out.  

And let's not even get into the process of explaining to Gabe that you don't have to "lose" your tooth in order for it to come out. For the record, he really did lose them both. I am convinced that he thought he had to misplace them entirely in order for his new ones to grow in. 

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The Kilgore's said...

Love hearing about our wonderful nephew. He makes us laugh every time you blog about his saying. Love you!