Wednesday, September 16, 2009


...Edward and Annie.

Edward was born first, followed quickly by his twin sister Annie (as quickly as Dan could untwist the proliferous twist ties holding her captive).

Born not from a womb, but from cardboard packaging, and not from nine months of weight gain but a whole summer of chores, Edward and Annie belong to the ecstatic Juliana. The twins sat perched on a high shelf for months, as visible motivation for a certain small person to do her chores with a cheerful heart. It took her more time than it needed to--for some reason she thinks she can charm her way out of work--but Jules completed 40 chores to earn the right to be mama to sweet smelling babies. I was instantly dubbed grandma by Aunt Mckenna, and Uncle Gabe was sweet enough to hold Edward while Jules bonded with Annie. If this sounds eerily like a real birth, don't think you are alone. The scene was rather absurd, but so fun in the land of 3 year old sweetness.

And now without further ado, may I introduce you to Edward and Annie...

Does anyone else notice the strange 80's-esque aqua and pink color combo on these guys? Ugh.

P.S. It's a really good thing I got a picture immediately after the dolls came out of the box. They have already been "enhanced..." with permanent marker. Oh our own little doll is so...evil mischievous. Ahem.

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Jules said...

She is getting big!!!! Oh jules, what are we gonna do with her! I told you I was coming back when she is about 15-18 just to watch, pull up a chair, a bag of popcorn, homemade cookies, and just laugh! I bet you think everyday why you named her what you did... I don't think you thought it all out at the moment haha, and now the consequences come! Haha, you know I am kidding (kinda) I love you. I miss you. Can't wait for a coffee date one day!