Friday, September 11, 2009

Here's the Scoop

Bullet Points! You know you love it.

-Dad thought the picture of Gabe was too big (okay, it was too big). What dad wants, dad gets. New picture, shrunk to fit. He requested all 3 kids...but that will come later.

-Speaking of my daddy...we saw him today! We got to have dinner with him after we picked up my essays. He looks so great! He cut his hair short and grew a goatee, and he looks healthy! Yay Dad, we love you and are glad you are feeling better!

-We do not have a cat. Mckenna is getting a kitten for her birthday, but first I am making her do a big old research project on cat ownership. (Oh, I love homeschool!) I am trying to figure out what works best for other people.

-We are officially on "staycation." Well, Dan is. I am still homeschooling everyday and I have my first set of essays to grade.

-I am thinking about another part time job. Teaching Algebra to 2 high school freshman. Am I crazy for even thinking about it? I do function at a higher level with lots to do...

-I miss my friends. Do I still have friends? They might all disown me on the basis I have dropped off the planet.

-We bought 2 pallets of tile today! I love the tile, and much more I love the man who is going to put it in (that's Dan, in case you were unsure. Don't want to start any rumors here). Soon my nasty white carpet will be gone, and beautiful tile will be in its place. Don't even get me started on people who put white carpet in family homes. I have owned 2 homes, both came with white carpet. It did not stay white for long.

-I am super excited we found this great place: Buddy's Discount Flooring. I was leery at first--kind of ghetto place. But, they had the best selection and when we walked in the guy said he would help us get a good deal. We were prepared to pay $1.99 a sq. ft.--that's 1.00/sq. ft. cheaper than other places. We HOPED He would drop it to $1.70 a sq. ft., which was the cost if you bought 1000 ft+. He gave it to us for $1.49! Yes!!!! Seriously, for 18 inch, faux travertine, porcelain tile that is an amazing price! Still a ton of money, but much cheaper than carpet.

-Tomorrow is Kenna's first soccer game. They are the Purple Panthers, and it should be interesting--only 4 practices so far and they are not the most focused group of girls. But she has been working hard and hopes she gets to play goalie a little.

-We started getting fresh, local produce delivered once a week. It's very cool and very reasonable--like a co-op. Plus it's local, fresh and organic. If you are interested in details let me know!

That's it.

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