Friday, July 3, 2009

Second Brag: The Oldest

This girl never ceases to amaze me. She also never ceases to test me. That is our relationship: Awe mixed with exasperation. However, her testing and pushing are really a result of a brilliant and creative mind, a mind that is proving to be more brilliant and creative each year. This is a painting she did for her Papa (my dad) for Father's Day. It's her replica of a famous Monet. The paper came printed with very loose outlines--like a few blobs here and there--and 3 directions. She really took off and got the idea.

I am most excited, and most nervous, about homeschooling Mckenna next year. First grade proved to us that she is way beyond her peers in academics and socially. Part of that is the fact that she is among the oldest in her class. And, part of it is that she is incredibly mature. When other kids were mean to her, the response she automatically gave was, "It's okay. You probably are having a hard day," or "Why? What's the reason you would be mean? I am never mean to you?" 

When she grows up Mckenna wants to be: a humanitarian (basically she would like to make sure all children have a mom, a dad, food, shelter and clothing), a teacher, an astronaut, a world explorer, a wife, a mom, a nurse...and not in that order.  She would do well at any of those roles, her insight and compassion would be a gift to any field.

When you think of Mckenna, please pray with us that she would continue to understand Scripture at a deep level, that she would hunger for wisdom and not only knowledge, that she will continue to show remarkable empathy towards others, and that God would light up her path and guide her steps. Pray for her mom and dad to enjoy her intelligence and sense of wonder, for us to work hard at and delight in finding new ways to stimulate her, and for us to always keep our enthusiasm for each new chapter as we watch our first baby grow up into a beautiful young woman.

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Beautiful young woman is right. Inside and out. Thank you for sharing her character and personality! Know that she is being prayed for right now!