Saturday, June 20, 2009

So Much More than My Best Friend

On the Eve of Father's Day Mckenna asked me to tell her about my dating years before I met her dad. Funny girl. In my committment to be vulnerable and honest with her, so that she will always come to me with her questions,  I answered every question, even the ones that I took a deep breath before answering. 

But it's her final question that has stuck with me on this night: Did you date anyone after you met Daddy?

No. A solid, wonderful, uncompromising No. 

Since I met this man, nearly twelve years ago, there has been no one else. 

This is the man who holds my heart and my hand.

This is the man whose name I took and proudly share.

This is the man  who gently leads me to God through all of our days.

This is the man who has given me a life far richer than any I could have invented.

This man's hands comfort me. His words speak into my soul. His eyes shine with love for me that is so fierce, so deep, I shiver at the sight of them. 

This man's heart beats for God. His actions demonstrate love to all who know him. His words get down to the heart of this issue, past the superficial, and spark growth.

This man loves so deeply he aches over the pain of others. His steadfast manner may never betray how easily he is moved to compassion, but if you glance at his eyes you will see moisture that reveals his tenderness.

This man fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. He will never take the credit, never get the glory, but he changes lives.

This man preaches God's Word with passion that shakes people to their core. I have never walked away from his message the same as when I entered.

This man chooses his words carefully, and while you might think he is shy, in fact he will not vie for the center of attention but will listen and wait. When he speaks, all listen, for wisdom regularly pours forth.

This man sees life as an end and as a means to an end. He lives fully--working hard, resting intentionally, always doing what needs to be done. He is not only looking forward to heaven but also living this life to the fullest, sharing the love of Christ in all he does, be it work or play.

This man holds the position of hero in his home. He is admired, respected, adored, cherished, and wanted by his family, and our joy increases tenfold whenever he is around.

This man knows me better than I know myself, and he patiently guides me to maturity in my faith. He trusts me, believes in me, values what I do, and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman ever to live. 

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life, my treasured mate, and my best friend. 

Love, Your Bride

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Becky R said...

what an amazing post. your are so blessed, as you already know (I am sure he is blessed as well.)