Sunday, June 14, 2009


Remember this Gabe-ism? 

He really says the funniest things. And...they don't always make sense.

From the backseat, discussing Juliana's favorite song, which the other two might be a little bit tired of hearing:

Juliana emphatically announces, "Gabe (which sounds more like Dabe), you like "Blessed Be Your Name" now!"

Gabe, with a sly shrug, cooly replies, "Whatever you say, sista!"

A conversation between Gabe and me at home:

Gabe runs in the room and proclaims, "Mom, I built my Legos with Dad!"

I, while cleaning the wood stove, congratulate him.

"I gotta go to the bathroom!" Gabe suddenly announces.

"Okay, then go!" I encourage him.

To which he replies, "Thanks for volunteering!"

...Still not sure how that applied...

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