Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not-Me! Monday

Stellan is Home! Not only is that great news for his family (nope, I don't know them in real life. The blog world is a wonderfully frightening place), but it also means that Not Me! Monday is back. So, as always, click on over to MckMama to see more things people did not do last week.
As for me...

I am not writing this instead of grading papers.

I did not buy a giant inflatable lizard with huge crocodile like eyes to float around my pool in hopes he would scare off potential nest cleansing birds. Guess what? Mr. Spots totally worked!

Jules was my little shopping buddy last week. We visited 2 department stores in search of a dress, shoes and necklace for me for all these wonderful weddings I have this summer. My not-quite-three-year-old little girl did not get the hang of this shopping deal. When I was done with my department she did not announce in all seriousness: My turn! Go to my size and I will try on pwetty dresses too!

I did not buy her one pwetty dress...per store. What can I say? She's the first kid to show interest in shopping. Don't judge.

On that trip I did not discover a hidden clearance rack with a $70 dress I loved on clearance for $14.99! 

I also did not have a 3:30 am conversation with her that was just so cute I could not bear to tell her to go to sleep. And during that conversation I did not realize for the first time that her hands look just like mine, a realization that did not cause me to tear up in gratitude for my precious daughter. Not unsentimental me.

I did not make my first successful batch of homemade yogurt this week! Yahoo! I mean, not me.

My house is not spotless right now due to the fact that Dan and the kids spent the afternoon and evening with Scott and Cassie building things and playing. And if it was, I would never sit on the couch with Juli J and just enjoy the cleanliness...knowing that by 9:00 am there will be some disaster somewhere.

However, I most certainly did not remark that I don't mind their not-so-little messes. I would much rather have a disaster for a house than a house without the love and laughter of my 3 joys!

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Dawn S. said...

I did not enjoy this post and I am not reading it at 12:15 instead of sleeping. Not me!