Monday, March 30, 2009

Not This Monday

It is the blogger who goes by "MckMama" who runs Not Me! Monday. Her littlest, a boy named Stellan who is only 5 months old, is in the hospital in very critical condition. His heart is in a rhythm called SVT, which inevitably leads to heart failure. You can click the picture on my side-bar to check on him, and please pray. If she has not updated the blog lately, she may have updated her Twitter, so scroll down and look  for little blurbs on the left. Please pray.

I have been super busy with Youth Group stuff, Mckenna's class field trip, a quick jaunt with Jury Duty, Jadelyn's Birthday Party, Coffee Shop and Children's Church at church, working on our backyard and planting watermelon and lettuce, and, you know, being a wife and raising 3 children. This week is proving to be equally busy, and I would estimate life should begin to slow down after Easter, once our huge annual event, Egg-Liminate Hunger,  is done. 

Meanwhile, I will work on getting some pictures up and posting occasionally. I need to go charge the camera battery--that would help!

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