Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Sweet Girl

On Friday Juli J's sis-in-law (and our dear friend) came for a visit while her husband is deployed. She remarked many times how well my kids play together. After the 3rd or 4th time she made a comment about how sweet they are to each other, and how well they get along, I realized I must take that for granted.

Of course they argue, of course they disagree...but for the most part my 3 kiddos LOVE playing together. They can play in combinations of 2, or all 3, but each other's company is their mutual favorite. I hope to foster that in the years to come.

Part of the reason for their companionship is Mckenna--she's a wonderful big sister. She is protective and caring, loving and fun when it comes to Gabe and Juliana. She puts together skits, plays, and parades that they put on for us, she organizes tea parties, doll house fun, and sword fights, and she is quick to help them. The unique part is that in the past year we have stopped asking her to help them, she just delights in doing it.

A couples weeks ago the 3 of them set off to get the mail--a common occurance. Mckenna holds their hands and checks the neighbors' driveways for cars, and the younger ones listen to her and follow her lead. When I opened the door to check on them, I noticed that she had her arms around both kids, and she had given Gabe her hooded sweatshirt (I failed to notice before they went that he was barefoot, and still in PJs). And that is where this sweet photo comes from--the sweet big sister taking good care of her siblings. I love her so much!


Jonathan, Sarah & Aurora said...

awe! I love this picture! it's so sweet!!

Tami said...

That is just so sweet! Love the pic! :)