Monday, February 2, 2009

Jedi-Lego Master

As of a few months ago, Gabe has graduated to the Lego sets that say "7 years and older." It makes sense. He's 4. Which Lego sets does he want? Star Wars, of course. He had a small set that he would build and take apart and rebuild for hours each day. Under the Christmas Tree at Grandma Gail's he discovered a larger set--he and Daddy dominated that set, building it in a few hours. Gabe played with it everyday, carefully placing the Storm Troopers (or were the Clone Troopers? Dang it! They are tricky to differentiate.) in the pilot seat of the vehicle and shooting everything in sight.

He would have been fine with that set FOREVER, until he discovered they make a Battle Droid set. Because If the Troopers could search and destroy the Droids, that would be much cooler.

***WAIT***It must be Clone Troopers because I don't think Storm Troopers ever fight Battle Droids. Phew. Glad we got that cleared up.

So he saved his earnings every week and he  made the big purchase!

And on a completely unrelated rabbit trail--the kid wore his shirt backwards all day. Really Gabe? All day. It wasn't terribly obvious, it's a plain shirt, but still. Dad must have told him to turn it around a hundred times, but he thought it was funny that it bothered his dad, so he managed to wear it wrong all day long.

Oh yeah

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Cassandra Rollins said...

We loved the battle droid picture and the focus in and out that it was.