Saturday, January 17, 2009

24 Trauma

***Update. My beautiful sister (in law), who I lovingly introduced to the intense world that is 24, upon hearing my sad tale, became the bearer of more bad news. I actually watched episodes 4 and 1 (in that order), because it was on for 2 nights in a row, 2 hours each. Sad, sad, sad. I watched episodes 2 and 3 last night while Dan and Juli J watched The Hulk, and episode 4 (again) while running on my elliptical today. Now I am caught up. Phew. Thanks for caring.

As you may have known from this post I was super excited for 24 to start again. It's the only, only drama type show I follow at all...and I love it! I was even more stoked to find out I could watch it online the day after it aired. Yay for Fox for choosing to make it free to watch online.

It was available online on Tuesday. I did not get a chance to watch it until yesterday (Friday!). That should tell you something right there.

I went to the Fox homepage, clicked on "Watch Full Episodes," clicked "24," and then like a giddy school girl I clicked "Watch Season Premiere."  

After a short ad, the cool announcer voice said, "Previously on 24," which I found odd, and clips and images appeared rapid fire. I did not recognize anyone, or any of the circumstances. Confusion dulled my enthusiasm. I went back to the Fox homepage, and found the link through another route. The same commercial played, and then the same cool announcer voice said, "Previously on 24." 

Okay. Cool. They have changed their MO. Now I get to figure out who these people are and what is going on. Fun! This is different, so I am game.

At the end of that part of the episode (it was long so it took 2 parts), I breathed for the first time and then clicked "Watch next Episode." Fantastic, they have a button for me to push to watch part 2!

This time, after the commercial, I was suddenly in time-past. Things were happening that were alluded to in the first part. Sweet! Flashbacks! Now I am starting to get it, oh so that's who Renee is, and that's how Tony and Jack found each other again (we all thought Tony was dead, including Jack), and that's the deal with Senegal, oh and I love Jack's answers during the trial they alluded to....

Oh. My. Goodness.

I watched Part 2 first. I figured that out about halfway through Part 1, which I watched second.

I slammed my computer shut in anger. How could this happen?  I mean really, this is the only show I watch, I was in my bed with only 1 kid playing happily on the floor, I had my coffee, I was comfy, and ready to be thrilled.

The good news here is that I have a very, very short memory. See This Post for proof. 

Therefore, I decided not to talk about it. (Dan does not watch it, or anything else, but he will gladly listen to me recap it. He says it's much more entertaining that way anyways. I have NO idea what he is talking about cuz I never get excited or animated. :o) I will simply let a day pass and then watch it again.

This time I think I will try to watch Part 1 before I watch Part 2. It's not as fun, but it makes a whole lot more sense.

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