Thursday, November 13, 2008


Is anyone else excited? Although I felt 24 got a bit repetitive and predictable, this looks like old-school 24. Politically incorrect stands, Corruption, Betrayal, and, of course, Jack and lots of shooting. Plus, from the trailer it would appear that the love triangle is largely missing. Phew.

Okay, check it out the trailer for 24Redemption

I have no idea how I am going to watch this, since we have no cable of any kind. Anyone near me a 24 fan with cable? 


The Robbins Nest said...

I'm thrilled with you! I wish we lived closer to watch it together...Bill is not a big fan! We'll have to chat via email on Tuesdays! Hope you find someone nearby!

The Kilgore's said...

I think you can watch it the day after on the internet on Fox's website. You can watch the episodes that way too. If we can't see it live that is that I try.

Laura Lu said...

oh man...we're huge Jack Bauer fans (even though i watch with my hands over my eyes for half of it) :) i'm the jack fan...dh is the whole 24 fan. :) i'll have to check this Redemption out!