Thursday, November 27, 2008


for God who saved me, daily walks with me, loves me as I am, where I am, but loves me too much to let me stay there.

for Daniel, who picked me, and daily chooses to love me, who believes in me much more than I believe in myself, who is the best husband and father I know, and who points me to the Lord regularly.

for Mckenna, my first baby, who is learning to truly trust us, who is a budding artist, who loves her brother and sister fiercely, whose imagination is off the charts, who is still joyfully surprised at each gift and treat, who teaches me new ways of looking at life.

for Gabriel, my only son, my tough fighter, whose sweetness shines through in how he loves, how he acts, how he smiles, who excels at anything he attempts, and who teaches me to slow down and cuddle.

for Juliana, my darling baby girl, whose smile lights up my life, whose joy warms me in the core of my heart, whose mischief is so darn adorable, who speaks with authority, whose charm is undeniable, who teaches me to love freely.

for my family, on both sides, who are constants in my life, who accept me as I am and don't want to change me, who faithfully love and accept me, who bring fun to my life.

for my friends that are far, who have played an important role in my life, who have walked with me, who have taught me and changed me for the better.

for my friends who are near, who accept my strengths and my shortcomings, who know my inabilities and like me anyway, who laugh and cry and walk with me.
for my church, which continues to amaze me in the way the people care about each other, the community, and the gospel.

for America and the soliders who protect it, the land of free, where dreams can come true, where peace remains despite politics or problems, where history is made, land that I love.

for life, for hope, for joy, for sorrow, for good times, for trials and hardships, for successes, for mistakes, for sunrise and sunset, for each new day...

today I am truly thankful. 

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