Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Essays 1, Carlee 5

The essays only kicked my tail last night. Tonight I finished my 15 by 11:00 and that's with pajama-ing the kids and visiting with my neighbor and then my hubby. Not too shabby. 

Guess what I am doing? First I made you jealous with my early Turkey eating. And now I am sitting in front of my lighted Christmas Tree looking at my lighted pine garland draped hutch, with a Nativity Scene across the room. That's right, while the tile adhesive was drying we decorated our home. 

And, the tile is looking good. Attempting to match existing marble around a fireplace *may* not be the smartest first attempt at tile work. However, we are not exactly known for doing things the easy way. Often I am convinced our theory is to do the hardest possible project first so that then everything else will seem easy by comparison.

And if you have no. freaking. clue. what I am talking about right now, that's because I have been too busy to take pictures and explain what in the world we are up to lately. So how about I stop typing, stare a little longer at my tree that my kids decorated (it's perfect--especially since I decided to stop being Type A), and put the finishing touches on the decorations so I can take some snap shots for ya'll. Okay?


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