Monday, September 22, 2008

A Family Addition

Not a cat, not another dog, and no, not a baby. Although...there should be news to report on Joe and Kim's baby today, as she was induced this morning!

Dan's youngest brother Tim is engaged to Ellen! Yahoo! Ellen is a wonderful, lovely, sweet, smart, amazing young Christian woman. I have actually known her since she was in 4th grade (we think)! We adore her, if you can't tell, and are very excited she is going to be in our family.

So, Kris got married last month, and now Tim is getting married next summer--that puts the Russell siblings at a perfect 10. Sounds just about right to me. And, Ellen, I can't think of anyone else I would rather have round us out.  And, I think you are a perfect 10. Way to go Tim, congrats to both of you!


The Kilgore's said...

The Russell siblings are all going to be married soon. The only way to add more is through kids!!! I will miss you tonight. It will be awhile until I see you next=(

-Jules- said...

WOW!!! seriously wow... that is all I have to say!!!