Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Quick Version

Since I last posted....

We have gone to Disneyland, Twice. 
We got a new camera, and have not had time to use it. 
Juliana has learned like 100 new words and phrases.
Mckenna has grown 2 inches (it at least feels that way).
Gabriel has become a math-a-holic. Money, numbers, size, counting, adding, you name it, he loves it!
I threw a bridal shower with some friends for a student from our Arrowhead Youth Group (we are getting old--I met her when she was a high school freshman).
Mckenna preformed a song at her school--we missed the performance. She told us she was doing it at Graduation, we never got a notice. We are ready to start public school.

More soon

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