Monday, May 12, 2008


Sunday, May 11, 2008. A Surreal Day. A Long-Awaited Day. A Very Good Day.

Most of you were celebrating Mother's Day. We were not. 
We were celebrating the culmination of a long, hard, tiring journey, yet one well worth the sacrifice. 

Sunday was Dan's Graduation Day.

5 years ago at this time our pastor planted a seed that Dan should start Seminary. We are so thankful he did.

The event itself was solemn, formal, grand, and exciting. Watching Dan walk across the stage and receive his diploma and his hood caused my eyes to tear up. The Dean of the Seminary asked for all applause to be held until the end of the ceremony. When the last graduate reached the last step down, the audience of several thousand (for 74 graduates--it was overwhelming) errupted into voracious, thundering applause. In a moment we were all on our feet, cheering on these men who have labored long and hard at their studies, for the glory of God. In my heart I whispered to my love, "All for you. All the clapping, cheering, celebrating--hear it all for you. Know that if I could cheer that loudly on my own, I would do it everyday. Hear the roar of the crowd, and hear it all for you."

We ended outside with the family and took some pictures, and here are a few favorites.


Yea! No more school for Daddy!

My Handsome and Hard-Working Graduate

Jordan and Erin--Faithful Friends--So glad Dan and Jordan Graduated Together

One Proud and Excited Wife!

Very Silly Siblings


therobbinsnest said...

Congrats, Dan! And to the whole family! How GREAT to have the schooling behind you and a wide open future in front of you! So glad to hear things are going well at the new church. Love and miss you guys!


The Murphy Family said...

WHEW HOO!!! Great job... now you can have another child! J/K. But a new phase of life does begin...

Heather said...

Wahoo!!! Yeah for the whole family graduating! We all know you each participated in sacrifice! Sorry we missed each other when I was out there...let's chat soon!