Thursday, April 24, 2008

One More Gabe-ism

It is well known that Gabe says funny things. Today he hit a new level. I tried, so hard, to respond gently to him, as he was SO serious. But I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and during the laughter I answered. Dan was a spectator to this--he couldn't have answered better, because he was laughing harder.

Gabe:  When I grow up and Kenna grows up, who will have a baby in their tummy? 
Mom: Kenna, not you. Girls have babies, not boys.
Gabe: When?
Mom: After Kenna gets married.
Gabe: And then she will feed the baby (pointing to his nipples)?
Mom: Yes, girls' grow so they can feed babies, boys' don't grow.
Gabe: (With a very serious, contemplative face) Okay. So when I grow up and I marry Kenna she will have a baby in her tummy.

Pause for laughter.

Mom: Buddy, you can't marry Kenna. 
Gabe: Why?
Mom: Brothers and sisters can't get married. 
Gabe: Why?
Mom: Well, it's the law. It's not good for brothers and sisters to get married. You have to find someone else to marry.
Gabe: Oh. (sad face) Okay. I guess maybe Jenna (she's 21, Gabe asked her on a date to Chili's a few weeks ago). Or maybe someone else. 

Really, he is just the sweetest thing. I love that little guy more than I can explain. I love that heart of his. I LOVE that he would want to spend his whole life with his sister. They are the best of friends (and they try so hard to include Juliana, although sometimes she drives them a little crazy) and super protective of each other. 

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