Sunday, April 20, 2008

Funny Children

Gabe, sleeping, in the middle of the day. I think he grew, because for 3 days in a row he just fell asleep for a couple hours. I love watching my children sleep. They are sweet, calm, secure, tender, innocent. 

We found oranges at Costco for $0.44 per pound. Since that's the cheapest fruit we have seen (cheapest by at least half) all year, we bought a huge box. 4 days later we went back and bought another huge box. I think the kids have averaged 4 oranges a day, per child, all week. Gabe has recently become quite the big boy; he eats many different foods, holds the door for us, helps his sister get dressed, helps empty the dishwasher, etc. And, he discovered he could peel an orange by himself. It takes a few minutes, but he is the kind of kid who keeps on going until a job is done.
Jules. She is still such a funny kid. She helped me make brownies the other day, but as you can see the temptation to stick a finger in and lick it was just too much. Her "help" got messy by the end, but I do love doing things like this with each of my children.
This is what she looked like after eating the homemade ice cream sandwiches I surprised them with for dessert.
We are using the youth group's Wii until we have a place for it at church. Madi was over for a few days and got into it too (she's a little hidden behind Dan). Their faces cracked me up because they all have the same expression.

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