Monday, March 24, 2008

Things I have Said This Week

I will leave the child and context up to you.
  • No, Orange Juice and Chocolate Milk do not go together.
  • Yes, you can watch another movie.
  • Yes, you can have a piece of soon as you stop asking me for candy.
  • No, you don't have to floss tonight.
  • I know I said we would go to Disneyland--but I should have checked to see that today our passes are blocked. I'm so sorry. Want to take a bath instead?
  • Rocky won't go to heaven like we's different for dogs.
  • Please stop pouring packets of Equal on the tortilla chips.
  • Mommy's tired, she needs a nap. Why don't you go play in the closet?
  • You are on Spring Break...Let's NOT do school today...okay, you can do some worksheets. Yes, I will help you.
  • Yes, it's March. Yes, Jadelyn is coming soon. No, tomorrow is not June. No, Saturday is not your birthday.
  • Gabe, why don't YOU tell ME what comes after Saturday (for the 100th time)...which he did, and all the other days of the week in the correct order. Stinker.
  • What comes after mint...umm...Peppermint.
  • No, her face should not be all red like that...we are going to Urgent Care now.
  • If you are bad again you are taking a nap....if I am bad can I take a nap?
  • Is it okay to have Costco Pizza for Easter dinner this year?
  • No, we aren't doing anything for Easter--we are too tired.
And my personal favorite:      
                     Stop!! That's glue not chapstick!

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The Murphy Family said...

This is halarious and I can picture you saying all of them to your kids. When we were in college, who would have thought this would be our daily conversations?!