Friday, March 28, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Q: What's more fun than one sick child?
A: TWO sick children.

Poor Gabe, he contracted Juliana's joyous malady, and now he is spiking fevers, coughing, and generally feeling horrible. Two major differences have surfaced, however, between the two patients. First, Jules turned the corner quickly--although she is not well yet--largely due to her antibiotics I am sure. Others in our church have the same sickness, and antibiotics are working wonders all around, so this is clearly bacterial. Gabe is not supposed to take antibiotics. We cannot be sure he is allergic, but when we were regularly visiting the allergist to find out he is not allergic to milk, we found out there is a HUGE chance he is allergic to at least penicillin. Long story, has to do with specific family history, but the allergist recommended that we avoid antibiotics with him at all costs. Since we have seen what happens to Dan when he is on them (it's not pretty and requires a trip to the ER), we agree with her avoidance advice. So, my sweet guy is going to have to tough it out for awhile--we will be carefully watching him.

Second, he LIKES his medicine, especially Ibuprofen. When Jules gets any type of pain reliever in her, she gets insanely hyper. We are talking stay-up-until-midnight hyper. Gabe gets happy, and sleeps, gladly. Today that included a little cat nap on the bathroom floor. Told you he likes his medicine.

We had a busy, fun weekend planned. I have sincere doubts that Gabe will be able to participate. Jules too. Probably Mckenna and I will enjoy the birthday party and the baby shower we were planning to go to, and Daddy will stay home with the little ones.
Jules was up tonight late, just wanting to cuddle, not feeling so great. This is what she looks like now!

Kenna has been very interested in Art lately. She worked long and hard and created these Sand Art Projects--aren't they great?

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