Monday, March 17, 2008

Speed Blogging

Okay, I have had NO time lately, and especially not for blogging. We church plant THIS WEEKEND! We are ridiculously excited, and there is still a lot of work to be done! Anyone have some good ideas for prizes for an Egg Toss--they don't have to be cheap, this is a big deal!

I will do updates by person, because I think in blocks, and it is quicker that way:

The Leader: He is SOO busy, and loving it. He preached on Sunday--which was crazy since it was his first time preaching at this church and the last time the church is meeting in the building they have been in for 41 year! But, he did an amazing, and creative, job of Preaching on Palm Sunday and incorporating the fact we are leaving one place and moving on to another. If/When it gets podcasted, I will give you the link. He cleaned out his office (his stuff has only been there for 2.5 months! HA! I find that hysterical) and is helping clean out the rest of the building that has been there for more than 2.5 months...more like 4 decades. But, it is going well, and they have moved offices so it's not that bad. Tonight he is playing basketball, last Friday he put in wood flooring at my parents', and he has a normal work week plus the move, Saturday Community Event (HUGE for those who don't know, check out this link), and he still loves on us. And for some reason this brought me to tears: We got the info on his Seminary Graduation! I guess it just makes it real. 

The Manager: I am crazy busy too, but  also loving it--and hoping for things to let up a little. I won't even go into my normal life routine right now, but let's just say that I put in a good 25 hours with church, plus grade essays, plus oh yeah, 3 kids and a husband, and I cook dinner for a group of college students every Tuesday, and treats on Wednesday for High School....enough. The truth is I love it, and I feel blessed to be this busy and still get to play with my kids, homeschool Kenna 3 days a week, and take bubble baths a few times a week. 

Our Big Girl: LOVES school now--both the school she goes to and homeschool. Has held a python and looked at a King Snake in the past 2 weeks--and appears to have gotten over her fear. Is going on Spring Break starting Thursday and I can't wait! We are going to have some fun! Reads--did I ever say that, she reads now. It's AMAZING to watch that lightbulb click on.

Our Sweet Boy: Is NOT allergic to Milk. That's huge. He is lactose intolerant, but with all the probiotics and good enzymes I am feeding him, he is having milkshakes and some regular milk, as he calls it (not soy). Yea! He says funny things all the time. Today he said that the pirate dentist (their dentist's office has a pirate theme) sells barking rats. We don't get the barking rats part.

Our Charming Baby: Piece-of-Work. New words every day--juice, keys, shoes, Kenna, too heavy, reach, cup--makes everyday an adventure. She is overall sweet, loves to dance and insists on "MORE" the second a song is over (as Grandma C and Papa Rob found out this weekend), and so, so cute. But, naughty--and uses charm to cover it up. ***Sigh**** I wonder what teenage years will be like with this one.

Other News: I have lots of pics to show you, but that's for later. We got some GREAT new furniture, and the kids are growing up so fast. We have kind of started looking at houses around here and that excites me! I saved $140 at the grocery store today, and spent $140, but that included a mop, pull-ups and diapers, and enough meat for 3 weeks. Next week I will barely need anything. Love the grocery game. And, most exciting of all, my sis-in-law is done with work and should be delivering my niece anytime! Yes, it's all about me--MY niece. I am so, so, so excited to meet Jadelyn!! The kids and I are going over to hang out with her on Wed.--maybe we can make her laugh so hard she goes into labor?

Check back soon for pictures!

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