Thursday, March 20, 2008


We did something a little crazy....and we did not tell very many people ahead of time, because, honestly, this wasn't something we needed any "opinions" on. Back and forth, for months we debated. Should we, or shouldn't we? Is this really what we want to do? Before you start thinking we did something really nuts, I will relieve your minds--we chopped off Mckenna's hair! She has been contemplating it for a long time--wanting to donate her beautiful tresses to Locks of Love--and made up her mind to just do it. 


                THE FINAL PRODUCT

Being the amazing girl she is, Mckenna is handling her new look so well. No tears, even, and I did expect a few. I, on the other hand, nearly cried at the first cut. It's not that I don't want her to do it, I was even the one who first suggested the idea, I simply think of my girl with her beautiful long hair--it is part of her identity to me. But, what I have discovered, is that her even more beautiful face is more visible with her short hair, and that is a good thing. I imagine she will grow it out again, but for now we are enjoying our adorable princess, with short hair!

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therobbinsnest said...

She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Her sweet smile shines even more! I love keeping up with your kiddos this way. Thank you for all the pictures and updates!