Monday, February 18, 2008

Pull-Ups, Peter Pan, and Pie

Remember your days as a child, or the parent of a young child, when schools and churches came up with silly days? Maybe your favorite, or least favorite, was "Backwards Day" or "Crazy Hair Day." I liked the color themes. Mckenna did "Green Day" for 2 years with AWANA for St. Patrick's Day. It was so fun to dress her in all one color, from hairbows to shoe laces.
Today, my littlest, who could not yet know about such days in a formal sense, decided it was Crazy Hat Day. First of all she found the girly Pull-Ups Melissa brought me. Jules still wears diapers, but when she can get away with it she sneaks one of Gabe's Pull-Ups he wears at night. I thought she would be THRILLED with a capital T to see Princesses on her pull-ups instead of Diego or Cars. Nope. This is what she did with her pretty pink Pull-Up...
Later on, the older kids were "practicing" their light-saber techniques. Not to be left out, Jules found a Peter Pan dagger and hat. This is what happens when she puts it on all by herself...
Not related to Hat Day...Mckenna and I were briefly at Joanna's on Sunday, and I asked if we could have some lemons from their always blooming tree. Mckenna got the nod of approval and picked me a bag full. Yahoo! In the car she asked, as she sucked on a lemon, if we could make a Lemon Meringue Pie. Not Yahoo. I am not the best at pies, and had NO IDEA how to make a Lemon Meringue one. Add to that the fact that Kenna has always made them with Grandma C, who, next to my Grandma Audrey, is the Lemon Pie Queen, and I was sweating bullets.  Mom said to get Kingsford Corn Starch, and use the recipe on the box. I did, and, if I do say so myself, it turned out darn good, in looks and taste.

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