Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mckenna's Second FIrst Day of Kindergarten

This is my best attempt at a brief description of Mckenna's new school. It's a public charter school--public meaning not religious, free, regulated by the state, and charter meaning there is a lot of flexibility in how it is run. This one is a homeschooling school. We don't plan to homeschool forever, just until we buy a house and can put her in a school permanently. At this school she goes 2 days a week all day long, and then is home with me the other 3, learning most of her core stuff at home. God worked things out in amazing ways--beginning with the fact that I was dead set against this school because I had no idea what a charter school was, all the way to the fact that one of Dan's mom's dear friends is now our Education Specialist, with whom we meet once a month. And, she found us kindergarten curriculum someone had who moved in December, so we got the whole set for free! We have to find her a more advanced math program--Kindergarten math and even first grade math are just too easy, however she still writes her numbers backwards sometimes--once we have that sorted out we will be rolling.

Here are some pics, finally!

She has been anxious to get back to learning. Everyday she asked me when we would start school, and now everyday, many times a day, she asks to do some work. So awesome, this love of learning...I only hope I can keep up with her.

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GrandmaC said...

Wow you are back in spades! So wonderful to hear about and see all you are doing. I smile at every picture, love the dog toys and MISS MY BABIES. Hugs to all