Saturday, December 29, 2007

Well, we are moving in

On Wednesday. Yippee! It's so exciting that I only slept from 1:00-4:00 am. Too much to do, to many things to think about, too much excitement. There are some very bitter-sweet things about leaving Valencia. Obviously, we will miss Grandma and Grandpa and they will miss us--maybe not the mess and the noise, but us, nonetheless. We attended Copperhill Community Church for the last time a couple weeks ago. We love that church, truly love it. We learned so much about being on mission for God and refined our focus and philosophy of the Christian life. So good. And, if I can write this without tears, we will miss the Smiths. Such good friends, such fun memories. Can't think about that right now...I plan to make new friends, but there will not be another Melissa. Different friends for a different time, but only one Melissa.

The excitement is that we have looked forward to this day since Dan resigned in Arrowhead in September of 2006. This is our future, this is our new home, this is our new church. We feel so strongly that this is where we are called that we go with confidence, even though the longest we have known anyone in this church is 4 months! We are certain, and fortunately so are they. Phew. That worked out well.

Because of the crazy housing market, especially where we are moving, we decided to rent, save money, and watch for a great deal. Therefore, on Wednesday (yes, THIS Wednesday) we are moving the 5 of us plus Rocky into an 1100 Square Foot Apartment. We are creative--the huge walk-in closet will be the toy room, we will add shelves and such for extra storage, and we will stick with the minimums and not bring what we don't need. We are excited to save up before we buy another house, and to not have any worries with fixing anything while we settle in. Dan will miss his tools, but we still have projects left to do at mom and dad's where he can pull those friends out and abuse them--he and his tools are close. And, hopefully we will be able to determine which neighborhoods we really like and wait for a very good deal and a low interest rate.

Come see us in our new home, just don't plan to spend the night, unless you fit well on a couch. :o)

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