Monday, December 31, 2007


Okay, okay, we are certifiably crazy, I get it. We signed our lease on our apartment on Friday, and decided to move in on Wednesday. But, we were in Arrowhead and our new location until Sunday evening. That's 2 days to pack, clean, and load a Uhaul. Many people have informed us we are crazy, many are sad, many are excited, some just roll their eyes and realize that's us, that's how we roll.

So, here's an update. Today we managed to sort the storage unit and make 2 loads to the house with what we are taking. Some things, like camping equipment, are staying in storage, but are near the front. The Elliptical trainer is at the back because the apartment has a fitness room. Not that I am promising to use it, but you never know. In the middle is a wonderful corner-unit entertainment center. It's light oak color, with glass doors on the bottom, room for a good size TV, and CD racks on each side. We love it, but not as much as the one Sean and Debbie (our new senior pastor) are GIVING us. Talk about wonderful, it's awesome and so are they. So, if anyone could use a great entertainment center--good for an apartment because it is fairly narrow and tall, not fat and wide-- just ask, it's yours.

Insert Random Pictures of Getting Our Christmas Tree with Papa

We also have the Living Room mainly packed, the kid's room 75% packed and our room 40% packed. Since we did not expect to get to those rooms until tomorrow, we are doing very well. And, mom did 5 loads of laundry for me while we were gone, so I am packing mainly clean clothes! Thank you mom! And, Kris came today so she can help corral the kids tomorrow while we pack. Plus, Mike, Bubba, and Tim are coming here on Wednesday morning to help Dan load the truck so I get to vacuum and do those kinds of things before we go. So many blessings in such a short time!

When we moved out of our home in Arrowhead, we gave ourselves 5 weeks or so to pack and get out and get all the projects done. It came down to the wire. I guarantee this move will come down the wire as well, but it will only be 2 days of craziness not 5 weeks! See the logic?

Just because I am more nuts than most, I thought I would tell you that I am grading 10 essays a day to keep up with the 300 I have over the break, I am taking Melissa to dinner tomorrow night because I want to, and I decided we are "going green" as far as cleaning products. I bought some today and will mix some of my own tomorrow and after we move in. I like the idea of my kids not being exposed to chemicals all the time, and then I will not tell them they can't help me because I am using chemicals. I read my new "Green This" book in the bathtub tonight, and I am all ready for it.

Okay, I am off to essays and packing, packing, packing. Then it's a few hours of sleep and more packing tomorrow.

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