Monday, June 25, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Both Mckenna and Gabe are taking swimming lessons at the local pool. Thus far, they are amazing! Mckenna has learned the crawl stroke with her head in the water, coming up for breaths every three or four strokes. Also, she can jump into the deep end and come up and swim to the side; she is learning to swim on her back; she can dive pretty deep to get a ring; and she has learned the frog kick. Gabe is very comfortable in the water now, which is very new for him, and his teacher swims him around as he kicks his legs and rows his arms. He also learned kicking skills and going under water to get rings. He has blossomed so much, and is the first volunteer for everything. His teacher loves him! Both kids have also learned safety like pool rules and basic life saving technique!

Here are a couple pics, although they don't show too much. Oh, and by the way, Mckenna and her friend Madisyn have a little crush on their cute teacher, whom Mckenna refers to as the "goofball," because he is fun and funny. Both girls smile and giggle when they are working with him; fortunately they also take it seriously and work hard. Oh my, aren't we too young for this?

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