Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mckenna's First SleepOver

Okay, well, it was Mostly a sleepover. Mckenna's friend Madisyn came over for a slumber party while Gabe spent the night at Grandma Gail's house. We had a ton of fun with Madisyn. Here's the list of what we did...

First we went to lunch with Madisyn and her mom, my friend Melissa. We went home and the girls played dress up and then painted until they could paint no more. When Dan got home he set up the big bounce house and the new pirate pool--the girls bounced and swam for a long time. Mckenna, of course, jumped right in to the cold, straight-from-the-hose water. Madisyn took a little longer to get used to the freezing coldness, but we were proud of her and she was sliding the slide in no time. Then we went to the video store and rented two movies. We painted nails, ate Shrek Macaroni and Cheese (well, the kids, not Dan or I), and they watched the movies on top of Mckenna's bunk bed. They stayed awake until 10:00 pm! Melissa picked Madisyn up at 11:00 because we were getting up early the next morning to help Dan's brother move to his new house.

Mckenna loved her first sleepover and wants to know when she can do it again.

A side note...Dan and I took our XBOX and hooked it up to my dad's big HDTV. Hah, we have been missing a lot by playing on this teeny tiny screen we have. So we had a fun night too.

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