Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just some stuff

My kids are so silly. Mckenna still, since she was 1.5, loves to dress up. Thanks to Auntie Kris, she has a ton of really great princess dresses. The other day she got all dressed up like Cinderella, I did her hair and put on her crown, and she stayed in costume for 5-6 hours. The really crazy part is that she also gets into character. When she had the dress on she walked pretty, talked pretty, and was super sweet, to me and to her siblings. Come to think of it...perhaps she should dress like a princess all the time! Just kidding, she is pretty sweet most of the time anyway. I guess it just surprises me that she can stay in character for so long.

To be like his big sister, Gabe got dressed up in his costume--a racecar driver. He got into character too, which essentially means he ran around the house at a very rapid speed saying, "Vroom!" Too cute.

Juliana, as my friend Adrienne said, is a handful. Not in a bad way, she is not bad, just very, very busy. She is in the middle of everything all the time, and wants so desperately to be able to do all the things Mckenna and Gabe can do. She honestly acts 3 sometimes--she drinks out of regular cups, rides Gabe's tricycle, throws balls, plays swords with Gabe, and when we "wrestle" as a family, I kid you not she can take down the older kids. Often while we are driving, from the back seat we hear, "Juli, No!" because she has snagged Kenna or Gabe's cup or toy, and they can't wrestle it back. As my dad says, "Don't underestimate this one." In this picture she has taken up residence in the empty dresser we were moving. The other picture is of the three of them eating lunch together at the little kid table. Jules, at one, is not too fond of her highchair, although we make her use it still. Otherwise she would be climbing across the dinner table. A little note...she officially walks more than she crawls now.

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