Monday, October 1, 2012

Just a Day.

No, I am probably not back to blogging on a regular basis. But I started blogging to have a record of our days as a family, and this is one to blog about.

I think I will run it down by the hour.

7:50 am. I woke up. Super late. Because I have a week off of the gym. And I was awake from 2:30-4:00 am for no reason.  Waking up late isn't a great way to start a day.

8:00 am. I made the kids start the day with chores. I had been gone all weekend, and they had been very helpful for Daniel, but once I got home Sunday night they stopped being helpful. So we cleaned up first.

8:30 am. Feed the kids the homemade donuts we made the day before for a book Gabe is reading. School starts and we are on a roll. History, math, and Latin done.

8:35 am. Can't take a phone call from a friend hoping we sign Gabe up for golf (we aren't).

9:30 am. Call number 1 to the MRI place. Daniel injured his knee in a soccer game 2 weeks ago and it's not better. He needs an MRI. They said they would call me back after the pre-authorization came through.

10:00 am. Snack break and Ellen got home with Malcolm, Sean, and lots of groceries. Field some work related emails about writing in present tense.

10:20 am. Back to school, and still moving along. Language Arts done.

11:45 am. Lunch. I made chicken with mushrooms and onions over pasta, and started some taco meat for dinner. More work emails about integrating quotes.

12:15 pm. Science and call number 2 to the MRI place. The Orthopedic Dr. needs to confirm the request.

12:20 pm. Call the Orthopedic Dr. Get an answering machine. Request that they confirm the request.

1:00 pm. Miss a phone call from a friend coming to see us this weekend.

1:30 pm. School is done, chores begin.

2:00 pm. Talk to Daniel on the phone, solve some dilemmas, get some emails written together.

2:30 Snack and get tready for the afternoon. Finally get an MRI appointment (Call number 4 for the day) for Wednesday. Make the rest of dinner for everyone else.

3:00 Leave for Jiu Jitsu with Gabe and Juliana.

4:10 pm. Daniel gets to Jiu Jitsu. We talk a few minutes and I go home.

4:40 pm. Mckenna and I leave for soccer with a car full of uniforms and papers to get signed. Listen to voicemails from missed calls from this morning.

4:55 pm. Talk to the people in charge of soccer, trying to get my paperwork set for the first game this weekend. Set up for practice.

7:01 pm. Finally leave the field with all the papers signed and uniforms handed out. Head to Costco.

7:07 pm. Daniel calls. Rogue has eaten what was left of a bottle of Doggie Calming Tablets we had for Katana.

7:15 pm. Feed Mckenna dinner at Costco. Shop.

8:20 pm. Unload groceries, watch Mckenna work her kid whispering skills on baby Sean, and discover Rogue's semi-overdose of calming tablets have made her hyper. Completely hyper. Do some research and decide she will be fine. Make some broth so she will drink a whole bunch of fluids.

8:30 pm. Hang out with Daniel for an hour. First time we have talked all day face to face.

9:30 pm. Mckenna has finally showered and is in bed. Clean up kitchen and start on essays.

10:00 pm. Catch up on 

11:30 pm. Done with this post and heading for bed.

Nothing special, yet everything special. This is my life. things sometimes go as planned, and sometimes they don't. Some days are simple and others are really complicated. But this is what we do. And I love it. Next week I go back to the gym at 5:30 am. So late nights will go away again, and blogging will go away with it.

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