Sunday, September 4, 2011

Two months ago, my baby turned 5 years old. How time flies.

She has been using her adorable little girl voice to say the funniest and most profound things.

Because this blog is primarily in place of a journal for me, I have to get these down before she is all of a sudden 6.

When she spills or makes a mistake: "I am such a mess!"
Looking at her legs: "I am such a chub!" We tell her that about her baby pictures, and assure her that she is in fact perfect just the way she is.
Looking in the mirror: "I have lots of bimples." {Dimples}
Studying her arms intensely: "I have 6, no 7, freckles. You have like a million, mom."
When Mckenna snuck into their room: "Kenna! Did you teleport?"
When she has a problem: "Oh dear, that's a problem."
At sunset, every night: "Mom, is it Sun Down?"

Jules has her first loose tooth, and her excitement is over the top. Since Gabe and Kenna are constantly losing teeth, Juliana is sure it must be the coolest thing ever. At least 5 times a day she wants me to check her loose tooth, and she tells everyone who will listen about her loose "toof."


Jules said...

oh gosh i love this girl! haha I can just picture her little voice saying these things.... miss those kids!(and you and dan of course)

Grandma Cyndi said...

I too can hear her saying those precious words. She is truely our little sunshine girl. Love you Juliana

Jeremy, Meg, Connor, Katie & Kara said...

Love it! Can't believe how big your baby girl is getting. Great pics of everything =)