Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LIttle Bit of This and That

Homeschool is in full swing.
Soccer has officially begun.
Church activities launched 2 weeks ago.
Essays arrive by the hundreds.
Blogging gets a back seat, as usual.

So, here we go with an update; pictures included.

 Juliana's best buddy from church lives very close, is using the same charter school and same curriculum as we are, and is only 6 days older. Okay, that last part didn't really matter. Those factors, and the fact that her mom has been super flexible, have meant the girls have actually managed to get 2 school days together--once at our house and once at theirs. That's close to miraculous for me. 
 Apparently at her house they kicked butt on school--math pages and phonics pages galore, plus memorizing AWANA verses. At our house, ahem, we played with shaving cream and food dye. It was science, and art!
 See, we even found out what happened when we mixed colors. We just did it in a bag full of shaving cream!

 Gabe's room. It rocks. And it is done.  Racing Stripes with Clone Wars stickers on one wall.

 Coolest bed ever across the room.
 A place for wrestling medals and Marvel calendars, plus books and games. 
 And the sports wall is completed with a football player sticker and a Basketball hoop for a laundry basket. 

I have been called a plethora of names lately: Crazy, insane, nuts, super-Mom, even stupid.
I was even told to iron my cape before I hang it up at night.
As if I have time to Iron.

It stems from this sport I love; the same sport that my kids now love: Soccer
Who wouldn't want to coach this adorable player? My favorite things about her team are the hair ribbons I made them all that they adore, and the fact that snack is the best part of soccer.

And here is our little man playing defense. He is hilarious. My favorite part of coaching his team is that the boys all keep perfect score, even though it is non-competitive and we "don't keep score."

Mckenna's games start this Saturday. I am enjoying the challenge of coaching kids who can really learn the sport and improve. Her team is young and small, but filled with spunk and determination. Mckenna, on the other hand, grew inches this summer and will be our rock star goalie and long legged forward. She is also taking piano lessons and loving it, plus running 2 miles every Tuesday with Daddy.

Last week I caught this guy. We got out our ladybug habitat and brought him inside. Appropriately the kids named him Priest. A few clicks of the keyboard revealed he is a carnivore. 3 nights in a row of catching spiders and watching him devour them were bad enough, but when he started boxing the little lid on the top of the enclosure, as if he was thinking: LET ME OUT OF HERE! we decided to let him go.

Little Charmer lost 2 front, bottom teeth. Of course, she just looks more adorable.


Becky R said...

great pictures. You are busy! Love the color shaving cream activity

Cinders said...

super mom section: hilarious AND true. win win.

um, and is that really Mckenna? i had to do a double take and literally said in my head "who is that?" please stop growing, not-so-little one.