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Homeschool 2011-2012, part 2: Mckenna

Mckenna is going into 4th grade, technically. However, she is all over the board academically. She is doing 4th grade math because she does not like math, 4th-7th grade literature, 5th grade grammar, and a challenging science curriculum. My overall goal with her is to foster independence and self-government.

Fall 2011 -- Mckenna

Language Arts
This is always a diverse group because she is not single focused.

Curriculum: Abeka Language B (5th grade) for Grammar; Veritas Press Comprehension Guides for Reading Comprehension and Writing (variety of 4th-7th grade levels), including: Anne of Green Gables, Narnia Series, Robin Hood, and Little Women; The Phonetic Zoo for Spelling; Daily Paragraph Editing and Explode the Code for drills and review.

Goals: Increase Reading Speed and Comprehension; Buckle down and complete a grammar course that is workbook based (we have gotten by with online courses and learning through reading); Increase spelling awareness. 

Bonus: My wonderful friend had the teacher guides to Abeka and let me borrow them; we already have The Phonetic Zoo from our school funds last year, and I used the end of her school money for the comprehension guides, daily Paragraph Editing, and Explode the Code. I only had to buy the workbooks for Abeka. Total out of pocket: $23.00


Curriculum: Teaching Textbooks 4. I can't recommend it enough! Calculadders for Multiplication and Division Drills.

Goals: Other than math goals: No fights over math.

Bonus: I had school money left over last year to purchase the whole set, and Gabe is using it also!


Curriculum: Answers in Genesis: God's Design for the Physical World 

Goals: We get to study Heat and Energy, Inventions and Technology, and Machines and Motion. So fun! But my goal is for her to become more independent in science so she can really take off and learn as much as she desires. Also, I hope to get around to more experiments with her by planning AHEAD (novel concept, I know).

Bonus: Hand me Down! Free Books including the teacher's guide! I did spend $7.00 on the printed worksheets and tests.

History -- US History

This is where I have my fun. My kids LOVE history so we spend a ton of time on it. But while we are studying history we are also studying philosophy, geography, reading, science, etc. because we take history chronologically and study the people, inventions, thoughts, and  changes of the time.

Curriculum: Story of the World Vol. 3. This is my favorite History curriculum and we will use it to  keep up on what is going on in the rest of the world while America is being formed. If you buy it you must buy the CDs and Activity Books--they are amazing. Early American History, a Literature Aprroach. Gabe and Juliana will use the Primary Set and Mckenna will use the Intermediate set. Essentially, this curriculum offers good, quality literature that lets students read their way through history.

Goals: As True Blue Americans, this year feels like the culmination of our studying. I have no idea what we will do next year! We started with the earliest recorded history and have worked our way to Christopher Columbus. Now we get to discover what makes our nation so unique and wonderful. I want my kids to fall more in love with America while at the same time understanding their responsibilities as citizens. 

Bonus: You guessed it: Free! I am borrowing E.A.H. and I used last year's school money to buy STOW 3. Oh yeah!


Piano Lessons with a fantastic teacher who teaches theory, reading music, and fun songs.
Definitely not free, but worth every dime.



Curriculum: Discoveries in Art

Goal: Actually get some artwork done. We struggled with this last year other than making trees out of their handprints.

Bonus: Left over from last year

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