Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The "Mini Suite" I mentioned a little while ago is currently occupied.

While Daniel's "baby" brother Tim is looking for a teaching job having just finished his credential, he and his beautiful wife Ellen are living with us. Of course, along with them comes the charming, coy, smart, goofy almost 8 month old Malcolm. Oh, how we love having a baby in the house again. Oh, and his parents too.

My nephew is a quirky kid. That's the best description we can come up with. He plays funny games with me, thinks my kids are the best things ever (well, except for the dog, he is #1 in Malcolm's eyes), and is almost always very even keeled. And then there are the funny things that set him off. Like his mom feeding him peaches (the HORRORS!), someone besides his family saying hello (it's horrible I tell you), and of all things, his mom trying to take a bite of food when she "should" be feeding him. He cracks us up every single day.

No one doubts they are related :o)

We start em young on wrestling
Watching a movie together

So sweet!
The summer is going to fly by!

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