Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recent Happenings...

Summer is just around the corner...right? I am anxious for a few months that are less harried and have fewer responsibilities.

Meanwhile, between grading a whole lot of essays (hundreds and hundreds), homeschooling, church responsibilities (which, in a good way, are growing and growing), and friends, we have been joyfully busy.
Our Mom's Group had an Easter egg hunt in my dear friend's backyard. 
The kids had an incredibly fun time.
Jules and on of her best buddies

I asked this cutie pie to show me her favorite egg, and this is what she did :o)

They are still best buddies!
A few weeks ago, Daniel and his AWANA staff held a pinewood derby style race

The kids loved it and it reminded me of when my dad and I did this with our YMCA group.

Mckenna is supposed to be attending a horseback riding camp, but the owners had some personal issues and have canceled or postponed it. We are waiting, hoping she gets to go, along with her good friend Courtney.

And that is all there is time for!

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