Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stream of Conciousness

Quiet house tonight save the movie I have playing. Funny how a loud movie sounds quiet to me.

Many thoughts swirl in my mind. Some are worth writing down, others are for the confines of my mind. There alone is a victory for me. Self-control in my words, and not saying whatever I am thinking.

We took our annual trip to Red Lobster for my Dad's birthday last Friday. Mckenna got her usual order--King Crab Legs. Gabe and Jules tried shrimp. One thumb up and one down. Mom and I shared some different dishes, including Lobster Spinach Artichoke Dip. Yum. Daniel ordered his norm, except we tagged a Lobster tail on to his steak and potatoes for Mom and me. We asked for it to be on a separate plate. It wasn't.

Today he worked from home, dopey from the Benadryl he took last night to combat his allergy to shellfish. Apparently just a little Losbter juice on his plate is too much.

Picture from my phone, yikes!
We took over the Jr. High group at church this week, and for the next 16 months give or take. Huge commitment, but one we are excited to make. Each week from now until April Daniel is teaching on one day of the Passion Week of Christ (shout out to Bookman!). Daniel is an insanely gifted teacher.

House shopping tomorrow--it's our third trip out. A little discouraging, but patience is the key virtue in this adventure. God knows what we have and what we need, and He has always provided.

I made my crazy cinnamon rolls yesterday to be baked this morning for my dear friend's son's 17th birthday. Of course we got some too. They take a good 4 hours to create from scratch, but oh are they worth it. Usually they are for Thanksgiving only, maybe Christmas. We had one this morning, and then again for dinner with scrambled eggs. Why not?

The kids and I are finding creative ways to work out since it's 90 degrees here this week. Biggest Loser videos came out of the cabinet on Tuesday. 45 minutes of squats, lunges and constant movement. It's Thursday and walking still causes me problems. So does standing up and being touched at all from the waist down, even by sweet child hands. Gotta do it again tomorrow. I have great compassion for those who struggle to walk.

Going to meet my newest nephew on Saturday, and cannot wait! Oh my goodness I just want to snuggle him. Kody, get ready, cuz Auntie is coming! It's Jadelyn's birthday party that day. My sweet, sweet niece who is a fighter and a gentle spirit. I talked to her on the phone the other day, and oh how she melts my heart. It's hard to imagine she is nearly 3.

Oh the joy these 2 faces bring me!

We spent a wonderful Saturday with Dan's brother, his wife, and their 3 kids. We do not see them often enough, and it's very sweet when we do. Daniel bonded with our niece, Lizzie, and I got to play and play with 1 year old Audrey. We don't get much time with 4 year old Michael--he and Juliana are nearly inseparable.

3 of my treasured girls came for a visit over the weekend. One I met as a Jr. Higher; in fact, along with "Juli J" she was the first student I met in Lake Arrowhead. Then she ended up being my next door neighbor for 6 years. The other 2 amazing young women I met a little later, but spent countless hours with. They 3, along with a few others, are testimony to Daniel and me of the importance of Jr. High Ministry. I love the ladies with my entire heart--they are daughters and sisters to me, all in one.  Thank you Lord for sending them to me the week we started Jr. High Ministry!

I spoke with my beloved Grandmother today for at least half an hour. I am so thankful for her. She is 85, and her mind is sharp. Her dad's stayed sharp into his 90's, and I feel the same will be true of her. She is a strong and determined woman, who loves her own 3 "kids" as well as my 3 kids so very much.

Off to grade papers and wash dishes--the activities of my evening since Benadryl has taken over my hubby.

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