Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jadelyn Turns 3!

So many of you prayed for my niece Jadelyn in January when she was suffering from seizures in the hospital. Not only has she been seizure free, but she is doing great. Praise God!

We spent last Saturday with Jadelyn and her new brother Kody, along with other cousins and their parents. A fun, relaxed time was had by all.
What can I say about this picture of the birthday girl? Oh My Goodness she is too cute.

Mckenna made this cake for Jadelyn

Playing with her new playdough.
"Happy Birthday to YOU!"

As long as I moved and sang, Malcolm laughed and smiled (4 months old)
Jules jumping on Jadelyn's new trampoline
 *side note: Juliana got an adorable new haircut--framing her face but still long in the back. The little tiny "alfalfa" hairs you see sticking up on top: she cut those herself :o)

The 3 youngest cousins. Left to Right: Malcolm (4 months), Elijah (2 months), Kody (3weeks) We have been triple blessed!

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