Friday, December 3, 2010

Thankful Challenge, Day 29

29. Daniel. Yes, intentionally redundant, again. He affirms, supports, teases, enjoys, inspires, teaches, instructs, corrects, holds, upholds, and most of all loves me. He is, by far, the greatest dad I know, and others have affirmed that as well. He knows me inside and out, he knows our kids at a level so deep he can pinpoint the way they learn, grow, and think, as well as their personalities and needs. When he comes home our faces light up and the energy level in the room dramatically increases. His hugs and kisses can fix any problem, mine or the kids, and his sense of humor, while sometimes frustrating in its dry nature, can make us smile even if we are upset.

I love, love, love the man I married, with a deep and long lasting love.

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