Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Second Day of Christmas

The First Day of Christmas was pure fun. The kids (and the grown-ups) were in such surprise to find gifts on our front porch that we just giggled. Now I feel pure awe. I cannot believe how creative, thoughtful, and wonderful our friends are; and we don't even know who they are!!

On the Second Day of Christmas
Some Secret Friends gave to me
2 Christmas Crafts 
And a piece to the nativity.

Gingerbread house, Christmas Frames to make, and a little Lamb

As if that was not enough, there was a second bag, with 3 coloring pages with a Partridge in a Pear tree and this adorable ornament. 

I'm going to post the days together, so here is our second, second day of Christmas

There were 3 M&M fans (with candy of course!). In the picture behind the fan is a lolipop Advent Tree to count down the days of Christmas, given to Gabe at church.

And here's the 2nd ornament, with 2 Turtle Dove. SOOOOOO cute!

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