Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Other Christmas Happenings

Grandma C and Papa Rob came out, bringing massive quantities of Christmas Cheer.

We decorated Gingerbread Houses. Mckenna's was very cute. Juliana's was very full of candy. Poor Gabe, his icing just would not stick, so all his candy has slid down to the bottom.

Saturday night we trekked to a Living Nativity. I had low expectations. It far exceeded them.

Taking pictures of the nativity wasn't feasible--it was super dark, and it went very quickly. But we used the camera to pass the time.
A funny thing about Jules...she won't let anyone kiss her on the lips because she's not "Mawied." She's super affectionate, but has her own set of rules about kissing. We don't mind, it will serve her well to keep those standards, but it means none of those cute pictures of kids and parents kissing each other :o)

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