Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thankful Challenge, Day 22

22. Truth. We live in a culture of relativity. Modern philosophical thought says we cannot truly know anything for sure, and there are certainly no absolutes.  While I understand that this seems like a totally new and fascinating way of thinking to those who are thinking it, history does, in fact, tend to repeat itself, and this type of thinking is associated with other eras--indeed, philosophy tends to be cyclical.

But there is truth, and equally importantly, there are lies.

I have bought into lies. I have believed family, friends, the news, politicians. I have heard statistics, reports, and studies and trusted them to be factual. Sometimes I was wrong to believe them.

Although I originally thought I would climb onto my soapbox and rant over a few lies I have believed,  instead I deleted any of that sort of writing.

The important things I am thankful today is that there is absolute Truth--it does exist, and we can know it.

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