Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Joy of Christmas Cards

Every year I wonder if it's worth it to go through the time and expense of Christmas Cards. Every year I make and send them.

Receiving cards is wonderful--I love to catch up on peoples' lives and see pictures of growing families. We hang them up and use the cards to pray for people all year long. I would not want to deny anyone else the joy of having my kiddos' faces on their friges! :o)

This year I am thrilled to be using Shutterfly. I have used them before, and have never been disappointed in the number of choices I have or the quality of the cards. They are having a fantastic Blogger Card Promotion, and I plan on using the 50 free cards I will receive, plus buying more. {Click Here for details on the Blogger Promo} This year there are more choices than ever. I am having a hard time choosing between traditional Christmas colors, fun unusual colors, and the ever classy black and white.

Let's play a little game. With so many great designs, it's hard to choose which design to use!

Which design do you like the best?


Retro Plaid

Click any of the names to see these great designs and many more.
I haven't made my final decision on what card to's so hard! 

The most important thing for me is that there are plenty of spaces for pictures. Occasionally we have done one big family picture, and that's it, but this year we have so many great kid pictures, I want lots of spaces to put their cute faces.

Someone always give my Mother in Law a calendar--and this year it needs all 8 grandkids!

I Love this one!

For those of you who never get cards out in time for Christmas (not naming know who you are!), Shutterfly also has adorable New Year's Cards like this one:

Oh and if you want a Christmas card from us with our faces so you can remember us throughout the year, make sure I have your address. You KNOW I want one from you :o)


The Kilgore's said...

I like the first on the best. You will have to tell me which one you use. Thinking about doing the same thing if I can. Love seeing you guys!

Rebecca said...

I love the New Year's one! Such a great idea- and you know I can never pic just one picture :) And I completely need to receive one of your cards! I'll message you the new address. By the way, I started a blog..... scary, right? Don't expect much, lol.