Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have I Ever Mentioned....

My kids are really funny sometimes?

Daniel, at dinner tonight, recounted a couple conversations he has had with Gabe's Sunday School teachers. It all started in the early summer, before most people knew who we were. One teacher noticed a new little boy at her table who knew all the answers. It took her a couple weeks, but once she figured out it was Gabe she reported to Daniel all he had said. Now he gets weekly reports on the things Gabe says in Sunday School.

For instance, during the week they were studying Abram and Sarai, the teacher was pointing out that they left their people, in faith, and since they didn't have children they were alone.

Gabe said, "Well, they did take their nephew, Lot, with them."

Good point, bud.

Another week the class was studying Noah. When the teacher asked, " Who knows who Noah is?" Gabe raised his hand.

"Noah was righteous in the sight of God," was his answer.

Well, that just about sums it up.

His teachers are thoroughly enjoying him, and his little brainiac self, and I am seeing the fruits of my labor and the Grace of God at work--indeed, what they learn at home does stick with them!

Now, on to Mckenna. We are learning the books of the Bible in order. They have the New Testament down, but the Old Testament is a little harder. For the first time, apparently, Mckenna heard the title of the book, "Song of Solomon." In case your OT trivia is a little behind, that book is about King Solomon and the love he shares with his bride.

Mckenna asked what that book was about (she was excited it had the word "song" in it), and Daniel explained, without detail.

"Great," she said, "I want to read it."

"Uh, no, sweetie, not that book right now."

"Are you telling me I can't read the Bible?"

Wow, what a question.

And now for my sweet little Juliana.

At the dinner table, Juliana raises her hand, as she has been taught at AWANA.

"Mom, I am made of atoms! And you are made of atoms, and even bowls are made of atoms. Everything is made of atoms!"

"You're right. But one thing is not made of atoms, do you know what it is?"


"Right! Why is God not made of atoms. What is God?"


Daniel was seriously impressed. I did let on that we learned that in our memorizing of the Shorter Western Catechism, but still, he was blown away!

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