Monday, September 6, 2010

 According to data collecting studies, which of these 2 factors impacts how well a child will do in school?

1. If they are read to by a parent.
2. If there are many books in the home.

Which of these 2 factors has the greatest impact on a child's life?

1. If a family is intact.
2. The level of education of a parent.

If you answered #1 for both questions, you are wrong, in both cases.

A collection of data from many previously completed studies came to an unsettling conclusion: Most of what will impact a child is determined before that child is conceived.

For it is WHO the parents are, not WHAT the parents do, that has the greatest impact on a child.

Let that sit a moment.

It is not the collection of acts we perform as parents that molds our childrens minds and hearts. It is who we are at our very core that sets the stage for who they will be. And clearly there are exceptions, but in a general sense, our kids are impacted most by the people their parents are and the people their parents become much more than things their parents do.

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